Take a ride anywhere, anytime, with the app that connects you with the drivers you trust.

Choose drivers you are comfortable with


Happy to pick up kids from school or the swimming pool

Safe and reliable, so you can do your thing without worry.


Knows the routes of the town better than a map

When you need to get to the airport, train station, or anywhere.


He’s the man with an 8-seat minivan

For group trips around, or out of, town.



Plush comfort for business trips. Plus he speaks German, French and kindness.


net-fi takes 0% from drivers – so you connect with people who prefer the quality of your trip, not the quantity of trips.

Enjoy the freedom of choice

Choose from the drivers who respond to your booking request, and you like the most.

More than a ride, a person

After you arrive, add your driver to your custom list for future trips that you know will be comfortable and reliable.

net-fi in action

Choose a car

If you have any questions, text the driver right through the app.

Select a payment method

Cash or card - whichever you prefer

Add the driver to «My Drivers»

... of course, only if you were happy with the ride

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