net-fi is a technology built on trust. Passengers choose drivers who consistently provide the best experience and you get customers that earn you more.

Find your regular customers


Take children to classes after school

Routinely and reliably. Then take the weekend off!


Consistent corporate needs

From conferences and airport trips, be the go-to for companies to get around.


The sober driver service

Ensure a safe ride home to anyone who’s had one too many, and hear some great stories.


Shopping around town

Shoes are important, but sometimes the walk is too long to buy them. Help a neighbor out!

How net-fi is different from other applications?

0% commission

net-fi is an open technology that gives you the ability to earn more while working less hours.

Full transparency

See order requests and their details (fare, payment method and destination) before accepting.

Cooperation with other drivers

Transfer requests to other drivers, and share your list of unwanted passengers.

No ratings

Your goal is to be added to all your passengers’ ‘My drivers’ list. You are valued by the people you are helping, not by a heartless computer.

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